More Snow?!


Fun fact of the day – The ?! is called an interrobang.  I think it’s a fun word to say.  Interrobang.  Interrobang.

So yes.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  It snowed.  Again.  On Saturday, I ran outside in short sleeves and a skirt and was comfortable.  I even had the windows open at the house for a while.  Today?  Snow shoveling.  Not in a skirt and short sleeves.

It’s actually not terribly cold out – probably around 28 degrees or so.  It looks like it might rain tomorrow, so that should help clean it up.

But I am so over this snow thing.  I am ready to have my bike out of the trainer and out on the roads.  And yes, I know many people who will still bike in this, but I am not one of them.  I think those people are crazy.  I am ready to be able to run outside after work.  I am ready to be able to leave the pool without my hair freezing.

These are small things.  Tiny, really.  But spring is coming, or so they tell me.

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