Back on the wagon

This week wasn’t a great one for me in terms of training or food.  Thanks to two very intense days at work, my workout schedule got all screwed up.  Tuesday’s workout got lost and Wednesday’s workout was changed from 90 minutes to 30 when my body just gave up.  I managed to pick things back up by the weekend, but still didn’t get any swimming in last week.

And thanks to the weather, I didn’t get to the pool today either (I was worried the roads would still be slick at 5:30).  But I planned that – instead I will do Wednesday’s bike today and swim tomorrow morning.

My diet has been completely ridiculous as well and the scale shows it.  I stopped tracking my food like I should have, and when that happens, I tend to over eat.  It doesn’t help that I had my Tastefully Simple party this weekend (still time to order!) and there were LOTS of leftovers.  I finally brought the pound cake into work today and am hoping my coworkers polish it off.  I also have some dip leftover, which I should be eating with carrots, not chips.  Maybe the dip will come into the office tomorrow.

So today, I’m making a point to get back on the wagon.  Back to workouts, eating right, and drinking all my water.  It’s easy to fall out of the habit of being healthy and I can’t let those slip ups last.

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