I don’t have to, I get to

The Start and Finish Line of the "Inishowen 100" scenic Drive

This weekend, I’m running back-to-back half marathons: The Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon on Saturday followed by Go! St. Louis on Sunday.

I’m not sure how I got roped into this.  I blame my friends.  The trip will be a blast, but I am dreading the running.  I did not think it was a good idea when I registered and I still think it’s kind of a terrible idea.  The joke has been that the trip will be fun, then we will run, then it will be fun again, then more running, then some fun.

But on Twitter, yesterday, Courtney put it into perspective.


She makes a good point.  I’m especially lucky that I get to run these two races.  I can afford to make the trip.  I can take Friday and Monday off of work with no trouble.  I have a body that will get me across two finish lines and I have the mental ability to power through the tough parts.

I’m pretty lucky, all in all.

I just need to remember this when I’m at mile 7 of the second race and I just want to quit and go eat toasted ravioli (because that’s what you do in St. Louis).

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  1. aw, i’m glad what i said stuck with you. honestly, i think you’ll be fine. run the first, race the second. or run them both. or run then walk. whatever works, ya know? last weekend when i was DYING during my marathon i passed a guy heading back in. i must’ve looked pitiful because he smiled at me and said, “yeah, it hurts.” it stuck with me. this guy probably ran a 3:30 marathon and i ran a 5:30. but he’s right. it hurts for everyone. so accept that the second race will probably hurt — but you will finish and be SO proud. can’t wait to read about it!
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