One Year

Though this year’s running of the Boston Marathon won’t happen until next week, today is the one year anniversary of the bombing at the finish line of the Boston marathon.

I wasn’t there.  I am so impressed with those who were there and who plan to go back.  I’m excited to see all the coverage of the injured spectators who are now running.  After last year, Boston will no longer just be about the elites.  And I think that’s awesome.

I think everyone in the running community has seen some of the effects of last year’s events.  I’ve run races where spectators aren’t allowed within a certain distance of the finish line.  I’ve run races where every single runner has to go through a bag check area.  But I think we’ve also seen a great coming together of the running community.

I know that the news will be filled with stories and memorials for much of this week and next.  And we will see plenty of people wearing Boston attire – bracelets and t-shirts and hats and all sorts of other accessories.  I know I’ll be wearing my Boston headband next Monday for sure, regardless of how work appropriate it might or might not be.

I have also seen some people who appear to be taking advantage of the anniversary.  Shirts and the like for sale with the profits going directly into their pockets instead of to a fund related to the event.   Not only is The One Fund out there, but some of the family members have started up their own charities as well, and any of these organizations would be a good place for the profits to go.  But people are greedy and selfish and see a chance to make a profit.  All I ask is that if you want a Boston Strong item, make sure that the people selling aren’t doing it all for themselves.

Next Monday, I will have the live feed of the race going and I can’t wait.  I think it will be an amazing event.  Good luck to everyone running!

One thought on “One Year

  1. Thought about Boston so much today.
    It is such a sad horrible event and I prayed for all those involved, but I also can’t help think about how the running community reacted and banded together.

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