Catch up, Brain

I’ve been easing back into workouts after being sick.  Yesterday was the first day in almost 2 weeks that I took no cold or cough medicine.  It was glorious.  I have discovered that my new favorite drug is Mucinex Severe Cold.  The liquid is blue, which really threw me off, for no apparent reason.  Somehow, in my brain, cough medicine should be red.  Years of Robitussin have warped my mind.

Yesterday, I hit the pool.  I wanted to swim my normal 2000m, but halfway through, I was feeling the fatigue in my arms.  My own fault for not training like I should be.  So I pushed my way to 1600 and climbed out.  Better than nothing, and I’ve got another swim practice this week.

Of course, then my brain decided to shut off.  My gym has a giant open bay of showers.  No worries, you just strip down and pretend like you’re not all hanging out naked.  I hung my suit on the railing and set to washing the chlorine out of my hair.  Then, two older women come in from the pool, take the shower heads on either side of me, and continue to have a conversation right through me.  Talk about awkward.  Especially since they kept looking over at each other while talking, which meant looking through me.  I’m not terribly worried about what I look like in the locker room, but this was getting to be a bit too much.  So I finished up and hightailed it out of there.  Plus I needed to get to work.  Though I did have to ask a third old lady to get out of the way so I could get my towel from the hook.  No, old lady, I’m not just standing here wet and naked for your enjoyment.

Get home after work and realize hey, I don’t have my bathing suit.  Yep, 12+ hours later, it’s still in the shower at the gym.  Suits aren’t cheap and this was one of my better ones, so I made my way back to the gym to pick it up.  Thankfully, it was still there.

I’m thinking my brain doesn’t know what to do now that it’s not got cold medicine clouding it.  I’ve done a number of stupid things over the past day.  I went to make tea and put the tea leaves directly into my mug of coffee.  Two things wrong with this – I didn’t need tea, I still had coffee, plus I have a different mug with a strainer for tea.

Let’s hope today goes better!

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  1. The suits that get any wear for me are all Tyr Maxbacks (I think they might be changing the name to Maxfit). I like the thicker shoulder straps. They’re comfortable and don’t move.

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