Blissful ignorance

I’m running a half marathon this weekend.  I’m terribly undertrained.

Yes, I did run two halfs less than a month ago. And since then, I think I’ve run a max of six miles.  Maybe.  Once.

Having a cold for over two weeks certainly didn’t help, and by the time I kicked that, I managed to tweak my lower back (thanks to tight hips and glutes) so I’m spending more time stretching than anything else.

I’m choosing to not think about the fact that I have to drag my body through 13.1 miles this weekend.  I’m sure it won’t be the worst half marathon I’ve ever run.  If nothing else, the weather should be nice and cool, which always works in my favor.

And hey, maybe all this rest and stretching will magically get me to an awesome finish, right?

Yeah, probably not.  But a girl can dream!

Anyone have suggestions of good hip/glute stretches?

6 thoughts on “Blissful ignorance

  1. Try these Kindle books – they helped me a lot. I have a Kindle app, not a Kindle and it works on my phone and tablet. See you on Sunday. I’ll be at the back of the crowd at the start. “Fix Tight Hip Flexors: The Ultimate At Home Cure” “Cure Tight Hips Forever: Simple Hip Movements & Muscle Activating Exercises”
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