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Pool lane ropeI swim at a local community pool on Tuesday mornings.  You can tell that there are a lot of triathletes there at this time of year, based on what people are wearing in the pool and the water bottles at the side of the pool (bottles and swim caps advertising races are prevalent).

But there are also a number of older people who use the pool in the morning.  And there’s this one guy.  I’m sure he’s a nice guy.  But he really needs something different to wear in the pool.

He wears a baggy, nude Speedo.  That’s right.  Baggy.  Nude.  Speedo.  Picture it in your mind.

No, wait, don’t.

I admit, I’ve only ever seen it from behind when he’s getting out of the pool or as I turn my head while swimming laps, so I don’t really know what it looks like from the front, thank goodness.  But it’s not an attractive look from the back, and I’m always afraid it’s going to fall off as he climbs up the ladder.

(I hope he isn’t reading this.  And if he is… guy, please note that I said you’re probably a super nice guy.)

I mean, I don’t judge that he’s wearing a Speedo.  We’re at the pool.  I’m no super model in my suit either.  But nude and baggy is just not the right combination.  After a quick glance, the first time I wondered if his suit had fallen off as he climbed up the ladder.

But the guy’s out there swimming and doing a great job, so he should continue to rock it.

In a new swimming suit.

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  1. oh dear. a thought I wish I could remove from my brain quickly.

    send him over our way and I’ll sort him out with some new kit. haha… nude is not the most popular color we carry though. 🙂


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