Race Musings

So as usual, since my race, I’ve been dwelling on what went right and what went wrong.  Obviously, overall, I don’t have many complaints, as I had an awesome finish.  But during the race, I could tell where I needed to improve.

Things that went right:

  • My swim was competent.  No freaking out, no worrying.  Definitely a step in the right direction.
  • Transitions were super speedy!  Not sure what happened there, but I took a lot of time off of my transitions.  Of course, given how my transition times “ranked,” I have some room for improvement.  Of course, I didn’t put on my bike gloves, which I decided later that I should have done.
  • My run was way faster than I anticipated.  Of course, that was helped by the fact that while on multisport mode, my watch gives me my pace in km, so I had no concept of how fast I was going.  I just did what felt good.

Things that need to be improved:

  • My HRM is all screwed up.  I replaced the battery, then replaced the entire thing, and it still won’t read on my watch.  Going to work with it this weekend.  Annoying.
  • My bike was frustrating.  I just felt like I should be able to do more.  Easy enough to work on though. MORE TRAINING!  I didn’t pass a single rider on the bike, just got passed myself.
  • Mentally, I just need to accept that I’m a slow runner.  I will get people passing me like crazy on the run, and that’s just going to happen.  I can continue to improve a bit, but I’m never going to be fast.  And that’s okay.  I just need to keep moving forward and continue to work on my bike and my swim.

You know, when I write it all out, it’s not that bad at all.  I think that coming out of the extra long swim frustrated and then getting on the bike where I got passed a number of times just left me feeling let down.  I have to remember that I’m not racing against anyone else.  I’m racing against myself, and it doesn’t matter how many people I pass or how many people pass me, but rather how I do when compared to myself.

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  1. You’re smart to focus on the bike and swim. At my last tri, the lady who took first in my AG kept saying that I beat her across the finish line, and that’s true. BUT, her swim was faster and her bike was MUCH faster. And though my run was much faster than hers, the bike is really where you can make up a lot of time if you’re a skilled rider!
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