Wednesday Workout Recap

Well, not a perfect week, but not too terrible.

Monday – Swim Drills.  This was my first Monday swim and MAN, the pool is crowded on Mondays.  I will have to be sure to get there as early as possible so I get a lane and still get to work on time.

Tuesday – 4 miles on the treadmill.  It’s so nice that ABC Family has started up their programming again so I have something to watch

Wednesday – 60 minutes of bike drills.  These kick my ass every week and I love it.  I feel like the bike is the portion of the triathlon where I have the most opportunity to improve, and I know this will help so much.

Thursday – I came home from work with an insane headache and just crashed.  No swim practice for me.

Friday – Rest day, so I started the closet insanity.

Saturday – 8 mile run.  So much better than last week.  I think the temperature was cooler.  I was definitely dripping wet though, and thinking I might need a Camelbak to get me through these hot runs.  My bottle belt just isn’t cutting it.

Sunday – 17 mile ride.  I’m getting better at these hills, but I need to learn to pace myself so that I’m not overdoing it and letting my heartrate get too high. Today, I also retaped my handlebars.  Ethel looks so pretty in her new outfit!

So one missed workout.  Not ideal, but I felt like I did what was right for my body.  I was clearly run down.  However, this week will be better.

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