Race Cancelled

So one of my upcoming races got cancelled.

And I’m not upset.

Iron Girl Rocky Gap, a triathlon scheduled for the first weekend of September, is no more.  Well, at least not for this year.  I can’t say I’m surprised.  Or disappointed.

IGRG was one of the races that was in question earlier this year when TriColumbia folded.  While the race I really worried about, Iron Girl Columbia, got picked up by the Ulman Cancer Fund (who I fundraise for – see sidebar to donate), the Rocky Gap race got picked up by the World Triathlon Corporation, the people who own Ironman, etc.

They also picked up the local Iron Girl half marathon, and well… that race didn’t go all that well.  It started an hour late because the course wasn’t ready.  Of course, these things happen, but it makes you wonder about the organizational skills and if WTC really cared about this little race.  So I had my doubts that IGRG would go well. It’s one thing to have a half marathon with some issues, but a triathlon with logistical issues can be dangerous.

I also had this race scheduled after a month of busy weekends.  So I can’t say I’m disappointed to have my weekend back.

But I do feel bad for all the women who were going for the Triple Crown award.  If you did the half and both Iron Girl triathlons, you got a special award, which I believe last year was a pretty necklace.

I also know a number of people who chose IGRG for their first triathlon because the water is apparently calm and the course is flat.  Registrants are being given the option to transfer to another Iron Girl triathlon – and it’s suggested that since so many are local, that they go for Iron Girl Columbia.  Unfortunately, a number of people were already registered for both (myself included), and if you wanted flat, Columbia is not going to provide it.

Thankfully, another option was a full refund, so that’s what I chose.  It will take 4-6 weeks to get a refund check, but given that I registered with a group that no longer exists, I’m just glad it’s an option.  I’ll turn around and donate that money to my Team Fight fundraising.  After all, it was money that I didn’t plan to have, and since I’m not replacing the race, it’s a good way to spend it.

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