Wednesday Workout Recap: Whoops

Well, this is embarrassing.

Monday: Swim drills!  It was an annoying workout thanks to the super tall guys swimming butterfly in my lane, but whatever, I got it done.

Tuesday: Treadmill speedwork – 6 miles total

Wednesday: Bike trainer drills – 1 hour

Thursday: Scheduled – swim.  Completed – nothing.  I got stuck at work until 7:30, which meant there was no way I was getting to 8:00 swim on time, seeing as swim is probably 45 minutes from work plus I didn’t have any of my gear with me.

Friday: Travel day!

Saturday: Scheduled – 9 miles.  Completed – nothing. Well, I played ball with my dog sibling for a while.  That should count for something.

Sunday: Family time

So there wasn’t a lot of working out last week, which is always good the week before a race, right?  We’ll find out.  But it’s not every day that I get to go visit family and celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday, so it was worth it.

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