Thursday Workout Recap

I am exhausted.  I’ve been in all day meetings for the past few days.  My life has been work, possibly workout, crash into bed.  So I’m behind on everything, including this blog.

Last week was a less busy week.

Monday – Rest day.  Choir rehearsals.  Which I love and hate all at the same time.

Tuesday – Getting home late on Mondays makes convincing myself to do speedwork very difficult. I ended up flipping the workout and doing my trainer workout tonight.  I probably didn’t push as hard as I should.

Wednesday – My workout log says “I hate running.”  That tells you how tonight’s run went.

Thursday – Team Fight swim.  My heart wasn’t in it after a rough day at work, and for the first half hour, I was miserable, but I finally got into it and am glad I went.  Gotta make sure I get there tonight too.

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 90 hard minutes on the trainer.  I sure hope these trainer rides are enough to get me through my race.

Sunday – 9 mile run.  I am so glad fall is here.  This cool weather is amazing!

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