Giant Acorn Race Musings

Tonight, poor Ethel the bike has to go into the shop for repairs.  And a bath, because man, that bike is DIRTY.  I’m thinking I screwed up the derailleur when I changed the tire, so that’s got to get fixed.  It may be an easy fix that I can do myself, but at this point, I’d just rather have the pros do it.  It’s never a bad idea to get a tuneup anyway.  And since I’m out of town this weekend, it’s not like I’m going to be getting a ton of riding in over the next week anyway.

I still feel weirdly guilty about Sunday’s race at Giant Acorn.  How can I be disappointed when I was allowed to finish and others weren’t?  I guess on some level it’s because I race against myself and don’t compare myself to others.  I want everyone to have a great race, and that didn’t happen for us.  I’m not going to say it was a bad race.  In fact, I plan to go do it again.  It just wasn’t our day.

I think I just had higher expectations of myself, and even with the bike breakdown, I still was hoping for a better finish.  I probably should have sat down and figured out an estimated finish time, because then I would have had something to compare it to.   A rough estimate would have had me with a 35-40 minute swim, 1:30-1:45 bike, a 90 minute run, and probably a total of 8-10 minutes in transition.  That puts me anywhere between 3:45 and 4:05 (I think, the caffeine hasn’t set in yet).  So hitting a 4:13 isn’t bad if I subtract the 15ish minutes to change my tire.  It’s right where I thought I would be.  I just didn’t actually think about it.  And maybe that was my mistake.  I should have gone in with some sort of a rough estimate.  Not a goal time, just a “Given my training, this is how the race should go.”  I would have aimed to finish on the faster end of the range, but it’s always good to have an idea of what you’re facing.  I hadn’t put any thought into it.

So it is what it is, and I know that I have a lot of work to do over the winter.  I’m determined to improve my cycling, because that’s where I think I have the best chance of showing significant improvements.  The swim isn’t going to get a ton faster, and even if I cut a minute per mile off my run pace, that’s still only about a 6 minute increase.  And I’m not going to be able to cut that much time off of my run pace anytime soon.  So for now, cycling it is.

Once Ethel gets back from the shop.

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