Wednesday Workout Recap – Seen My Wagon?

I am disappointed in the responses to the Werewolf or Vampire question.  I guess you’re all still musing over it.

Last week was a bit of a recovery week for me, followed by a crazy weekend.  I also had to lick my wounds after the race debacle.

Monday – Rest Day.  Choir practice.

Tuesday – Rather than workout, I took my bike to the shop to get fixed.  As expected, the derailleur was screwed up, and though they couldn’t figure out how I managed to do it, it’s now working properly.  I also picked up my computer from the shop, as over the weekend I managed to break not only my bike but also my laptop.

Wednesday – 6 miles of speedwork.  Blargh.

Thursday – Avoided all things workout related and got ready for my trip.

Fri-Sun – Out of town for the Notre Dame game.  I brought running gear, or so I thought.  But the weather was way colder than anticipated, and I didn’t want to freeze.  Also, I somehow tweaked my calf trying to run while frozen solid, and letting that heal was priority.

I really have to go find the wagon and get back on it.

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