Who Needs Organization?

IMG_1648.JPGRemember this picture from the other day?  Yep, it still looks like that.  Well, I did take that green sweatshirt out of the suitcase and hang it up in the closet, but otherwise, same thing.  The (very excellent) book is even still in that very spot.  I guess I could say it’s some form of organization, since it’s all in a pile, but mostly, I just have to say that I need to find time to clean my house.

I don’t know how people who travel every weekend for races do it.  My house looks ridiculous right now.  Let’s discuss a few rooms in the house.

The photo is from my bedroom.  What you don’t see is that the bed hasn’t been made since I put fresh sheets on it, which means that all the bedding is untucked and in a giant pile in the center of the bed.  It’s a little nest for me to crawl into at night.  My dresser is covered in various toiletries that went with me on the trips.  Of course, since one trip was by air and one was by car, I took various sizes of bottles.  And none of them has been put away.

My closet looks marginally better, though right now there is a giant bag of clean and folded laundry waiting to be tripped over.  I washed it, but now I have to do something with it. Also, every shoe I have worn over the past three weeks is part of a giant pile on the floor.  Why did I not put them away on the fancy shoe shelf?  I do not know.

My guest bathroom still has all of my triathlon gear hanging in it.  If I want to have guests, I need to remove the wetsuit.  And hose the mud out from the bottom of the tub.

In my living room, you will find my bike trainer and my bike, though not attached to each other.  Neither belong in the living room, and both need to find their way back into the basement.  My bike pump is currently laying in front of the couch.

Last night, I finally emptied the cooler that I took to my triathlon two weeks ago, but the cooler itself is still on the floor, along with a bag that I used as a carry on for my trip this past weekend.  Next to that is a pile of boxes to go out in Friday’s recycling.  And that’s sitting next to a grocery bag of cleaning supplies that I bought on super sale and need to take down into my storage closet.  Last night, I finally emptied the millions of bottles out of my dish drain and put those away, so the kitchen doesn’t look as bad as it could.

The dining room table cannot be used as a table.  It is covered in way too much junk, from wedding gifts to wine bottles to Soda Stream refills to a printer that doesn’t work.

Oh, and if you come over, you can’t walk through the main hallway and have to take a circuitous route to get to the dining room.  Why? Because in the main hallway are grocery delivery boxes (because my groceries came BEFORE their delivery window, which meant they got left in cooler boxes on my doorstep, and those have to be returned) and a flat packed dresser that I have to assemble at some point.

Yep.  Completely disorganized.  How do people do it?  Thankfully, I should have time over the weekend to get most of it taken care of.  I hope.

P.S. – This weekend is the Army Ten Miler, my Team Fight race for the year.  If you have a few dollars, every little donation helps.  Thank you!

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