So Glad I’m Not Marathon Training

For the first time in three years, I’m not spending the fall marathon training.

I kind of love it.

I’m wondering if I will have a bit of regret when it comes to marathon weekend at Walt Disney World in January when I’m “only” running the 10k and the half marathon.  I’m excited to finally get to run the half – I’ve never run that particular race, and it’s on my birthday.  How could I skip it?

I think the only envy I will have is of the Goofy runners – the people running both the half and the full.  It’s the tenth anniversary of that race in 2015, and the medal is pretty fabulous.  However, that would require me running a whole lot of miles, not only that weekend but also in training.  And I just don’t want to.

I have found that I don’t mind long weekend runs, but even 6 miles during the week is rough.  I do it because it’s good for me and it’s clearly helping me when I race, but man, it’s a slog.  The idea of doing more than that is horrifying.  My legs hurt just thinking about it.

So I am enjoying not marathon training.  I’m half marathon training, of course, and I need to keep my triathlon base up, but it’s nice to not have to worry about a huge run every weekend.  I think it’s going to be good for me.

Wednesday Workout Recap – Well, I See the Wagon

A little better, but I need to get back to it.  Conveniently, it’s a taper week.

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – 3 miles with pickups.  Got interrupted when my boss called me, but got it in.  Short runs are so much easier, mentally speaking.  And physically, I guess.

Wednesday – Rest Day

Thursday – 3 miles easy

Friday – Supposed to be 2 miles, but I’m an idiot and was so used to Fridays being rest days that I failed.  I did assemble a dresser though.

Saturday – Rest Day

Sunday – Army Ten Miler!

Thank goodness I now have time off before my next race.

Race Report – 2014 Army Ten Miler



Sunday was the 30th running of the Army Ten Miler and my sixth running of the race. It is by far the one race that I have done the most. And there are so many reasons that I keep coming back. This is one of the best organized races that I have ever fun. Who would expect any less from the Army?  For me, the time of year is also perfect. The weather can be cold or rainy, but I will always take that over hot and muggy.

This year, the weather was absolutely perfect. Cool and crisp, but comfortable for running in short sleeves and a skirt. Chilly before and after, but nothing too painful. The only clear day in a string of rainy days. I think the Army somehow arranged that too.

I didn’t have any real race plans going into race day this year.  It was my Team Fight race, so I just wanted to run strong.  Of course, as always, I didn’t want to get swept, though with a slight course change for this year, it appears that the sweeping policy changed.  In previous years, you had to be past the sweep point, which was somewhere past mile 5, by 9:35.  This year, they had an additional wave and all of the race info simply said you had to keep a 15 minute mile pace.  That was a much more lenient policy than the way the clock time policy had worked out, so I felt pretty good about the race.

When the race started, I decided that I wanted to try for a sub 2:15, which meant running better than 13:30s the entire race.  Doable, based on my training, but I didn’t want to push too hard.

My first two miles were FAST, but not uncomfortably so.  The one thing that’s great about this race is that the first half mile can get crowded, but the pack breaks up so quickly.  That’s not always the norm for a race with 35,000 runners.  To keep my brain occupied, I started doing the race math in my head.   I kept a running total of the minutes I had “earned” back from that 13:30 pace for every mile that I was under.  It seems silly, since I can just set a pace goal on my watch and use my Virtual Partner for the math, but I like having something to turn around in my brain while I run.

As per usual with this race, I ran into someone I knew – my race buddy from the Frederick Half!  We’re Facebook friends now, but I hadn’t paid attention to the fact that she would be there too.  Too funny to see her again.  I guess we really do run similar paces!

Around mile 7, I started to wonder if I had a sub 2:10 race in me, but realized it just wasn’t in the cards.  That said, the sub 2:15 was MINE if I just kept it up.

I didn’t notice the course change until around mile 8 or so.  I thought we seemed too close to the Pentagon when we got off of the bridge, but I figured I was just misremembering.  And then the course turned left instead of right.  Clearly, I should look at course maps.  Not a big deal, I knew where I was based on mile markers, but it was fun to see something totally different.  It was just a quick little jaunt, a few loops, and I’m guessing that’s how they managed to get the longer time limits – by getting us off of DC city streets earlier, they could have us out on the course a bit longer.  I’m not going to complain about that one bit!

As I finished, I ran past a huge pack of people with one of the Wounded Warriors running.  I’m guessing this was his first event back after his injury.  He was on two prosthetics, and when I saw him near the end, he was being heavily supported by two guys on either side of him.  His head was down and he was just gutting it out.  It was absolutely amazing to see.  Such an inspiration and a reminder that we’re so lucky to be able to be out there.  And of course, a reminder of the sacrifice that so many of our military members make.

I finished with a time I was delighted with – 2:11:47, and I’m proud of that, but I’m even more proud of that nameless guy who just finished 10 miles with the support of friends and family.

Things like that are why I will forever love the Army Ten Miler.


Who Needs Organization?

IMG_1648.JPGRemember this picture from the other day?  Yep, it still looks like that.  Well, I did take that green sweatshirt out of the suitcase and hang it up in the closet, but otherwise, same thing.  The (very excellent) book is even still in that very spot.  I guess I could say it’s some form of organization, since it’s all in a pile, but mostly, I just have to say that I need to find time to clean my house.

I don’t know how people who travel every weekend for races do it.  My house looks ridiculous right now.  Let’s discuss a few rooms in the house.

The photo is from my bedroom.  What you don’t see is that the bed hasn’t been made since I put fresh sheets on it, which means that all the bedding is untucked and in a giant pile in the center of the bed.  It’s a little nest for me to crawl into at night.  My dresser is covered in various toiletries that went with me on the trips.  Of course, since one trip was by air and one was by car, I took various sizes of bottles.  And none of them has been put away.

My closet looks marginally better, though right now there is a giant bag of clean and folded laundry waiting to be tripped over.  I washed it, but now I have to do something with it. Also, every shoe I have worn over the past three weeks is part of a giant pile on the floor.  Why did I not put them away on the fancy shoe shelf?  I do not know.

My guest bathroom still has all of my triathlon gear hanging in it.  If I want to have guests, I need to remove the wetsuit.  And hose the mud out from the bottom of the tub.

In my living room, you will find my bike trainer and my bike, though not attached to each other.  Neither belong in the living room, and both need to find their way back into the basement.  My bike pump is currently laying in front of the couch.

Last night, I finally emptied the cooler that I took to my triathlon two weeks ago, but the cooler itself is still on the floor, along with a bag that I used as a carry on for my trip this past weekend.  Next to that is a pile of boxes to go out in Friday’s recycling.  And that’s sitting next to a grocery bag of cleaning supplies that I bought on super sale and need to take down into my storage closet.  Last night, I finally emptied the millions of bottles out of my dish drain and put those away, so the kitchen doesn’t look as bad as it could.

The dining room table cannot be used as a table.  It is covered in way too much junk, from wedding gifts to wine bottles to Soda Stream refills to a printer that doesn’t work.

Oh, and if you come over, you can’t walk through the main hallway and have to take a circuitous route to get to the dining room.  Why? Because in the main hallway are grocery delivery boxes (because my groceries came BEFORE their delivery window, which meant they got left in cooler boxes on my doorstep, and those have to be returned) and a flat packed dresser that I have to assemble at some point.

Yep.  Completely disorganized.  How do people do it?  Thankfully, I should have time over the weekend to get most of it taken care of.  I hope.

P.S. – This weekend is the Army Ten Miler, my Team Fight race for the year.  If you have a few dollars, every little donation helps.  Thank you!

Wednesday Workout Recap – Seen My Wagon?

I am disappointed in the responses to the Werewolf or Vampire question.  I guess you’re all still musing over it.

Last week was a bit of a recovery week for me, followed by a crazy weekend.  I also had to lick my wounds after the race debacle.

Monday – Rest Day.  Choir practice.

Tuesday – Rather than workout, I took my bike to the shop to get fixed.  As expected, the derailleur was screwed up, and though they couldn’t figure out how I managed to do it, it’s now working properly.  I also picked up my computer from the shop, as over the weekend I managed to break not only my bike but also my laptop.

Wednesday – 6 miles of speedwork.  Blargh.

Thursday – Avoided all things workout related and got ready for my trip.

Fri-Sun – Out of town for the Notre Dame game.  I brought running gear, or so I thought.  But the weather was way colder than anticipated, and I didn’t want to freeze.  Also, I somehow tweaked my calf trying to run while frozen solid, and letting that heal was priority.

I really have to go find the wagon and get back on it.