Werewolf or Vampire?

Yesterday, we had an important debate.

Would you rather be a werewolf or a vampire?

Wolf looking a bit mean[46/365] Count Brickula

You have to choose one or the other, and no messing with the rules.  You can’t be a half-vampire or a hybrid of the two.  And in this world, vampires don’t sparkle.  Because that is just crazy.

Here are some of the factors we came up with:

Vampire pros:

  • Can fly (possibly as a bat, unsure of actual method)
  • Can move very fast
  • Eternal life

Vampire cons:

  • Sunlight
  • Eternal life (unless all your friends are vampires, this sounds sad)
  • Only eating blood, no food.

Werewolf pros:

  • Get to be human a good portion of the time
  • Can run fast and frolic in nature
  • Can potentially stock home with raw meat so hunting is optional.

Werewolf cons:

  • Can’t control transition
  • Questionable as to whether or not you can control who you kill while wolfed out

Now, there are other issues here that I’ve not touched upon.  But where do you fall on the werewolf/vampire debate?  Personally, I choose werewolf.  Perhaps the less sexy option, but I’m sticking to it.


A Weekend at Notre Dame

This weekend, I went to the Notre Dame game for the band reunion.

It was cold and wet.

IMG_1649.JPGYes, I look like a marshmallow there.  I have so many layers on underneath that rain jacket that I’m impressed it zipped.  But it was AWESOME!  And we WON!  It was an intense game, but the ending made all the cold and shivering so worth it.

IMG_1640.JPGIt was great to be back on campus and see so many of my friends.  We’re completely aware that we’re now those old annoying alums, and we just don’t care.  Plus now we can tailgate freely and drink beer before the games, rather than having to spend the entire day in our marching uniforms.  You know, it’s the little things.

It was a whirlwind weekend and I’m exhausted and got in no running this weekend (sorry, Coach).  But I did do a lot of walking and plenty of shivering, so that’s gotta count for something.

IMG_1642.JPGI saw this on the way home, but did not purchase it.  It was after breakfast hours, after all.

And with a race one weekend and a trip the next (and a race again this coming weekend – yikes!), my bedroom currently looks like this.

IMG_1648.JPGI should really do something about that.  I’m also not sure how my bike helmet ended up in my swim bag.  I’m sure it made sense at the time.

Look Past the Pink – Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  That’s right, the month where everything turns pink to promote “awareness.”

At this point, who isn’t aware of the existence of breast cancer?

I know what you’re thinking.  “Megan, it’s not just about awareness. It’s about raising money for breast cancer causes.”

What causes?  Where does the money go when you buy that pink water bottle?  Most likely, the majority of the funds go right into some corporation’s pockets.  From Breast Cancer Action:

EXAMPLE: In 2010, Dansko shoe company sold pink ribbon clogs. Consumers likely thought that a portion of their purchase of pink ribbon clogs went to a breast cancer program. However, purchase of the pink ribbon clogs was not connected to Dansko’s donation—none of the portion of the sales went toward their already set donation of $25,000 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. No matter whether or not you bought the clogs, their donation was the same.


But hey, it raises awareness, right?

And actually, I don’t think we are properly aware of breast cancer.  Think about it.  Who are you seeing in all of the ads supporting women with breast cancer?  Lots of bald women smiling and wearing pink boas.  Women wearing t-shirts saying “Yes, they’re fake, the real ones tried to kill me.”  And you know what?  These women rock.  Because they got breast cancer and they survived.  My mom is one of them (though she owns neither a pink boa nor one of those t-shirts).

But we don’t talk about the women with metastatic breast cancer.  The ones who won’t “beat” their disease.  My aunt was one of them.  She went through a myriad of treatments, but ultimately, the disease was stronger than all of the drugs we had to throw at it.  But we don’t talk about that.

We don’t talk about women like Lisa Adams, who is blogging through her breast cancer treatments and just trying to live life to the fullest.  We don’t talk about Vanessa, who died at 32, having lost herself after the cancer invaded her brain and whose sisters continue to blog about life and loss.  Because their stories won’t have the happy, inspirational ending that we all want to see.  It’s sad and messy and it’s what we should be working to stop.

We’re not trying to “Save the Ta-tas,” people.  We’re trying to save the women and men who have breast cancer.

So don’t mindlessly go out and buy some pink ribbon products and feel proud that you’ve done something good.  Don’t admire a corporation for “going pink.”  Avoid the distractions and focus on the issues.  We need research.  We need access to treatment for all women, not just those with “good” insurance. We need a way to increase survival rates.

This month, don’t bring awareness to the pink ribbon.  Bring awareness to the realities of breast cancer.

Wednesday Workout Recap

Well, this was a bit of a taper week, but I took tapering too far, I think. I need to be independently wealthy so that I can just rest and train.

Do I think this crappy week led to my crappy race?  Probably not.  But I’m seeing too many of these in my weekly recaps.

(Also, how is it OCTOBER?)

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Missed workout.  I ran around the office all day in these INCREDIBLE four inch heels, didn’t get home til 9pm.  Collapsed face first onto my bed.  Can I count the heels as a leg workout?  Probably not.

Wednesday – Put in the run I missed on Tuesday.

Thursday – Missed workout.  I am a moron.  I didn’t want to go to swim.  I sucked it up and went to swim.  About a mile from the pool, it hit me.  I didn’t have my swimsuit with me.  Genius.

Friday – I moved half a cord of wood.  I’m counting it.  Also some easy running and cycling to stay loose.

Saturday – Race prep!

Sunday – RACE!