Returning to the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler


That’s right, after a short hiatus, I’m returning to the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler in 2015.

But how do I know this since the lottery doesn’t open until December 1?  That’s because I’m one of the 2015 Social Runners for next spring’s race!  I am so incredibly excited to be able to share and train with so many runners.  As I said in my intro at the Kickoff Party on Friday night, I’m here for the slow runners, the ones who are afraid they won’t finish.  Of course, I love the fast runners too, and I’m super excited to chat with everyone running, but if you are a slow runner and worried, please get in touch with me.  We’ll get through that race together!

I’m actually really impressed with all that the CUCB folks have pulled together for this race.  There’s a huge team of social runners and bloggers out there to chat about the race and encourage each other.  Check out the race blog and be sure to follow @cucb on Twitter.

If you’ve never run this race before, give it some consideration!  It’s a great ten mile run through some gorgeous scenery.  The lottery opens on December 1 and closes on the 12th.  It’s a relatively cheap race – only $42 (plus the processing fee), and it’s worth every penny.  If you’ve never run a ten miler before, it’s a great first race.  It was my first race over 5k, and you’ve seen the races I’ve run since.  Thanks to Cherry Blossom, I got hooked!  So come on out and run with me.  We’ll work through the training together.

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