Slogging Through the Plan

Last night, I hit the treadmill for a seven mile run.  I’m at the point where it doesn’t even bother me to spend that much time on the treadmill.  It helps that I have a bunch of good tv saved up on the DVR, plus I have Netflix available, so I have something to keep my brain occupied.  It also helps that I feel like a slug lately and need to tone up quite a bit before triathlon season starts.

Maybe I should just hang that sexy spandex kit on the fridge to remind me to watch what I eat and to be sure that I hit my training.  Next week is definitely going to be the most difficult, what with the holiday itself and with being at my parents’ house.  Somehow, I have to find a 12 mile run.  I think that requires that I circle the town twice.  I will probably run to one of the local trails and just circle it a few times until I get in my miles.  Should be entertaining.  The other joy is that it’s a town where everyone knows everyone, so I’ll probably end up stopped more than once.  Plus people will know who I am.  I think I prefer anonymous running, especially when I’m out just pounding out the miles.

I really want to show some significant improvement in my racing this season.  I think my running is definitely improving, thanks to working with a coach and following a plan.  I just need to keep up with that through triathlon season.

And hey, maybe 2015 is the year that I finally lose this weight I’ve packed on.  Ugh.

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