2014 in Review – Popular Posts

I did a lot of writing this year.  I did a lot of rambling this year.  So I thought I would look back and see what the popular posts were according to number of hits.  They’re not all from this year, but they sure got a lot of views this year.  Next week (or so), I’ll look back and decide what my favorite posts were, but for now, let’s see what you all read.

Post-Run Headache Cure – this is an oldie but a goodie, and something that may help new runners struggling with headaches after a run.  In short, I was struggling with crushing headaches after my long runs and couldn’t figure out why. The solution turned out to be deliciously simple.

Product Review – Homedics Rapid Relief – I almost didn’t include this one because it was a sponsored product review, but seriously, these little TENS devices have been awesome.  When I pulled my back, these gave me such relief.  This blurb isn’t sponsored whatsoever, but a cheap little TENS device (whether this brand or another) might be a good item in your healing arsenal.

A slightly different Disney Princess Race Report – I will forever love Disney, and I love what runDisney stands for.  I don’t always love the people who participate in runDisney races.

Is it cheating? – If the race lets you cut the course, is it cheating to cross the finish line and take a medal?  Is it right to take a finisher’s medal if you didn’t cover the whole distance?  At the end of the day, my opinion is the same.  You do what is right for you.  I don’t have to live with the decision, you do.

Disney Marathon Race Report – Have I mentioned how glad I am to not be doing this race for the third year in a row?  I’m so glad to not be doing this race for a third year in a row.

Another popular post was from back in the summer of 2013, when I posted a picture of my race medals as a bling update.  I should definitely revisit that.  My medals collection is getting out of control.  As Betsy joked, if I earn any more medals, the wall is going to fall down.

Slogging Through the Plan

Last night, I hit the treadmill for a seven mile run.  I’m at the point where it doesn’t even bother me to spend that much time on the treadmill.  It helps that I have a bunch of good tv saved up on the DVR, plus I have Netflix available, so I have something to keep my brain occupied.  It also helps that I feel like a slug lately and need to tone up quite a bit before triathlon season starts.

Maybe I should just hang that sexy spandex kit on the fridge to remind me to watch what I eat and to be sure that I hit my training.  Next week is definitely going to be the most difficult, what with the holiday itself and with being at my parents’ house.  Somehow, I have to find a 12 mile run.  I think that requires that I circle the town twice.  I will probably run to one of the local trails and just circle it a few times until I get in my miles.  Should be entertaining.  The other joy is that it’s a town where everyone knows everyone, so I’ll probably end up stopped more than once.  Plus people will know who I am.  I think I prefer anonymous running, especially when I’m out just pounding out the miles.

I really want to show some significant improvement in my racing this season.  I think my running is definitely improving, thanks to working with a coach and following a plan.  I just need to keep up with that through triathlon season.

And hey, maybe 2015 is the year that I finally lose this weight I’ve packed on.  Ugh.

Can Women Get Jock Itch?

AhhhhhhhAll right.  It’s time to bust out an embarrassing topic.  Can women get jock itch?  After all, it’s something that you hear guys talking about and it has something to do with wearing a cup or unclean gear or something, right?

Well, those facts may be somewhat true, but guess what?  Ladies can get jock itch.  How do I know?  Because I got it.

Does this make me a real athlete?

So what is jock itch?  Officially known as tinea cruris, it’s a fungal infection that kind of looks like a rash with some blisters and then some peeling.  It’s not the same thing as athlete’s foot, but the two are related.  And untreated athlete’s foot can cause jock itch and vice versa if the fungus makes its way from one place to the other (via towels, I assume, not via nude yoga).

Where does it grow?  Warm and moist areas of the body.  When you’re an athlete, that’s pretty much all of your body, but most of those areas cool off and dry off relatively quickly.  What doesn’t?  Inner thighs, around your sports bra, in any chub rolls that may form thanks to the compression of your workout gear.

When I started to suspect that it was jock itch, I started doing research to see if this was common in women.  It’s not, but women can get it.  So I thought that it was time to stand up for the ladies.  Women, we too can get jock itch!

Now, I could tell you that I got jock itch around my bra.  That’s not embarrassing, right?  But nope.  I got it on my inner thighs.  And let me tell you, that is not a place you want to see a blistery rash.  I thought it was just really terrible razor burn at first, but quickly I realized the truth.  I lucked out in that I discovered it pretty quickly (red bumps on pale pale skin really stand out) so it wasn’t incredibly itchy or painful by the time I started treatment.

How did I get it?  I’m not entirely sure, but I’m guessing it was likely from wearing some workout gear a little too long.  You know, it happens to the best of us.  Apparently, people who are immuno-suppressed are more susceptible, and in the weeks leading up to this discovery, I had really run my body into the ground, so I’m sure that didn’t help.

The treatment?  Easy peasy.  Just some cream that I picked up at the drugstore.  The treatment takes around two weeks, which is annoying, but it really wasn’t a big deal.   Also, since women don’t often get jock itch, I wasn’t too mortified about buying the cream.  Anyone who saw me with it probably thought it was for my boyfriend/husband/son.  None of which I have, but the strangers don’t know that.  (Actually, strangers at the drugstore couldn’t care less what I’m buying, but that’s not the point.)

Now, how to prevent this?  Step one is staying dry.  Which isn’t easy when working out.  I sweat like a fiend.  Sure, powders like Anti-Monkey Butt (one of my faves) will help, but nothing is going to stop me from becoming a sweaty mess.

So the solution there is to get out of gross workout clothes sooner rather than later.  I’m not sure exactly when I spent too much time in my workout gear.  I’ve certainly spent longer in triathlon gear post-race than I did in any gear recently (which is why I suspect being run down contributed).  But either way, changing is now a priority.  I’ve also read that tight clothes are also bad, but well, I can’t exactly swim or bike in loose, flowing gear.

Other tips I found online were to change your underwear daily (umm, yes) and only wear workout clothes once between washes.  While I may have reworn workout gear (while on my own treadmill, never in public), I feel like these tips might be geared towards teenage boys.

So there you have it.  All you never wanted to know about women getting jock itch.


I feel like I’m doing pretty well on at least two of the Seven Deadly Sins as of late.  Sloth and Gluttony are my jam.

Admittedly, anyone who looks at my recent schedule will say I’m being ridiculous to even mention sloth, but anytime I don’t workout for a few days, I start to feel a bit lazy.  Some of that is probably due to the missing endorphins.  Some of it is likely due to the fact that fitness has been a big part of my life for so long.  Missing a day here and there may not bother me, but significant time away?  That’s unheard of.

I’m still working on this really annoying dry cough, which has made running hard, but I’m going to get back to my training tonight.  Unfortunately, the plan has me jumping right in with 7 miles.  We’ll see how that goes.  Might flip flop today and tomorrow and start small today, then hit the full 7 tomorrow.  I’ve managed to save some good tv on the DVR in preparation for the treadmill running I have coming up.

I also need to figure out how I’m going to get next week’s training done.  I’ll be at my parents’ house.  I think that to get in my 12 miler, I may have to circle the town twice.  Should be interesting.

And then there’s gluttony.  The holiday season is filled with all sorts of goodies, and I’ve been pretty good about not overindulging, but with a week of choir rehearsals and not a lot of sleep means that I tend to eat more to keep my energy up.  I’m also trying to avoid hitting up the grocery store this week, which means a lot of eating whatever I can find in the freezer and fridge.  Not good.  I’m feeling a bit pudgy lately and something’s got to change.

So that’s my current state.  At least I’m not dealing with wrath.  It’s a pretty happy time, all in all.

Choir and Cherry Blossoms

Still a little too congested for a run, so trying my new #NewBalance shoes out on a treadmill walk. #cucb2015

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This was an insanely busy weekend.  Three choir concerts for the holidays.  Always very rewarding, but also very exhausting.  I’ve also got a really annoying cough going on, which meant my planned run turned into a walk this weekend.  It’s better than nothing, but I’m starting to fear getting back into my training plan.  I’m going to hit it hard tomorrow night and go from there.  Yikes.

Today, announcements started to go out about the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler lottery, so if you’ve found me via my position as Social Runner for the race, congrats and welcome!

And if you didn’t get in, don’t despair!  There are still options!  Check out this post on the official race blog for tips.  You can always sign up as a charity runner or you can hope to get a bib transferred to you when bib transfers open up in February.  Another awesome option is to volunteer in 2015.  That guarantees you a race entry for 2016, and is a pretty sweet deal.  I’ve talked about volunteering before and it’s really a great time.  It means so much to all the runners out there and it’s also a really great way to get motivated for your next race.

Happy Monday, everyone.  I hope that if you’re still at work, that it’s a quiet week.  My week, not so much.  Within 20 minutes of being at the office, my workload tripled.  Here’s to job security!