New Bling Update

IMG_1901While I don’t run specifically for the bling, it’s pretty fun have a wall of medals to remind me of what I have accomplished and to force me to get back to work.  And since my medal hangers were comparatively pretty bare in my last bling update, I thought it was time to take a new photo.

So this is all of my medals through the end of 2014.  I put the Disney race medals on their own hanger because I have a Disney related hanger, and why not?  The hangers themselves are from Allied Medal Hangers.  For the second row of medals beneath, I have second hang bars, rather than having the multi-level medal hangers that the company offers.  I like being able to see all of the medals rather than having them overlap completely.

Besides, I’m not convinced the nails would hold all of the medals if the weight was attached to one rack!

For Christmas, my brother and sister-in-law got me a new medal hanger that is triathlon specific, so at some point, I’ll hang that up and move my tri medals over.

Oh, and because people ask, these are all hanging in my basement, which is where I have my tv, my treadmill, my bike trainer, and all my other fitness stuff.  It’s a bit of added motivation to not just sit on the couch and watch tv.

I know not everyone is into medals.  I like them because of the memories attached (though some medals are pretty fabulous on their own).  If you prefer to chuck them into a drawer, never to be seen again, that’s fine too.  I’m happiest with mine on display.

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