Scenes from a long run

Coach likes to torture me, so here are some scenes from this weekend’s long run.  It was nice to be out before the snows come.  Or as it looks now, the alleged snows.

Here I go...

Here I go!

Apparently there are vultures. Better keep running.

Apparently, there are turkey vultures around.  I had better keep running.  Don’t want to look like a snack!

IMG_2009.JPGFree car keys!  I love that someone picked these up and tied them up with orange tape in hopes that the owner comes back and sees them.


Some funky looking fungus.


This wall looks precarious.


This creek is really much prettier when everything’s green, but it’s a nice sound as I run.


Free glove!  Or creepy wave.  One or the other.

IMG_2014.JPGMy favorite bridge.  It’s usually covered in graffiti, which people keep painting over, as you can see.  I like artistic graffiti, but this is usually just hastily drawn penises. Less classy.

So that’s the view on my long run.  It got progressively colder and cloudier as I ran.  I really wish we would get some solid snow.  I know that those in the northeastern US are dreading it, but I’m pretty jealous.



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