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I am starting this post with full disclosure.  I am a Diet-to-Go Ambassador and was provided these meals for review for free.  I do receive compensation for anyone who signs up.  (Gotta pay for webhosting somehow!)  But I also make it a policy to not endorse any product I don’t or won’t actually use myself.  Check out the end of the post for a discount code!

I just finished up a new week of Diet-to-Go meals.  I have used DTG meals on and off for a few years now and they just keep getting better.

What is Diet-to-Go?  Diet-to-Go is a company that sends you fresh, healthy meals to help you eat well on a busy schedule.  The meals are freshly made and then frozen before they are sent to your door.

There are a couple of options as to what menu you can get.  There is traditional low-fat, vegetarian, and low carb.  The traditional and vegetarian menus come in either a 1200 calorie option or a 1600 calorie option.  (These are newly listed as Men’s and Women’s, probably the only thing I disapprove of with this company.)  I, however, like the 1200 calorie plan because I like to have snacks during the day, so I can supplement my eating with some snacks and not feel deprived.  You can get a 5 day plan or a 7 day plan.  I like the 5 day because it allows me to eat out occasionally without finding that I’m overrun by extra meals.  Plus I can actually cook for myself on the weekends.


Diet-to-Go sends you all of your meals in a large styrofoam cooler, each individually packaged and labeled.  They also send you a menu of when to eat each meal, but you can mix and match as you see fit.


The meals are really pretty tasty.  They also do what they can if you have menu preferences.  You can make meal swaps if there’s something you don’t like.  I’m not a fan of raw onions or giant pieces of onion in things, and I let them know.  This meant that one of my lunches got swapped out.  No complaints here!  They knew what I didn’t like and they took care of it for me.  But I also love that I can sub in some of my favorite meals if I want on any given week.

I’m not a great photographer and I didn’t want to try to edit these photos to make them look all professional.  You want to know what you’re getting, right?  Not what someone can make them look like.  So here are my meals, photographed lovingly by me.  With my iPhone.  I’m so fancy.

In addition to being tasty, I have to rave about the best part of Diet-to-Go.  You aren’t stuck in a crazy plan.  It’s easy to sign up for a week here and there.  You aren’t stuck signing up for a month.  Know that you have a busy week coming up?  You can schedule a week’s worth of meals to arrive at your house and then you can easily have the meals stop.  No gimmicks. No tricks to keep you in the program.  They’re a very respectable company, and it’s one of the biggest things I appreciate about them.  So many of these “diet” companies hook you in with contracts.  Not Diet-to-Go.

You also don’t have to eat the meals as scheduled.  Get five days worth, shove a few in your freezer.  Maybe you eat two this week and three next week.  There are so many options.

Diet-to-Go has given me an awesome promo code.  Enter DTGA110 at checkout to get 25% off your first order of any meal plan.  Try it out!  It’s great for anyone with a busy lifestyle or who just hates spending time in the kitchen.



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