Stupid germs

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Thanks to my darling brother and his stupid germs, I’m down with a cold.  It’s all his fault and he claims it’s the first step in his evil plan.  So I’m writing him out of the will. Just in case.

So my glorious return to training is now much less glorious.  The last thing I wanted to do last night was run 7 miles of speedwork.  So instead I sat on the couch.  I feel like this was the smart decision.

As I said on Twitter yesterday, this is when you know you’re a runner (or a triathlete or whatever): when you’re clearly sick and need rest but also really want to get in that workout.  I know that I’ll get better much faster if I just rest up and make sure I get plenty of fluids.

Speedwork, I’m coming for you tonight.  I hope.

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