On the Mend

stevepb / Pixabay

stevepb / Pixabay

Well, after a day and a half of planting my butt on the couch, I’m on the mend from this cold.  I still blame my brother, and I told him I’m writing him out of the will.  (Little does he know that all of my money has gone to triathlon gear anyway.)

But this means that my training schedule took a pretty big hit.  I didn’t do a ton last week while on the cruise, and while I got in a 6 mile run over the weekend, I haven’t done anything since.  Clearly, getting healthy is priority number one, and attempting to do a hard workout isn’t going to get me anywhere.

So I’m reworking my plan. I have a couple of options.  I could just pick up the plan on whatever day I’m on when I feel better.  I’m thinking I should take at least one more day of rest tonight and then think about working out tomorrow.  I could just pick up the plan on Friday.

Personally, I prefer to look at the missed workouts, figure out which one was the most important, and hit that one.  This week, I missed a bike speed workout and a run speed workout.  Both are pretty important.  Right now, the plan is that if I’m feeling awesome tomorrow, I will do the run speed workout.  If I’m still coughing but feel relatively okay, I’m going to do the bike speed workout (I cough less on the bike).

Depending on how I feel tonight, I might even hop on the bike when I get home.  But I’m not going to do a real workout.  Just some very easy spinning to keep things loose.  I get antsy after spending too much time laying around.  But I don’t want to risk keeping this cold around longer than I have to.

And now, off to buy stock in cough drops.


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