Still recovering. Yes, still.

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This is the cold that will not quit.  I no longer feel like death warmed over, but I’m definitely feeling like a slug.  Not moving very much and leaving a slimy trail behind me.  Well, a trail of used tissues anyway.

Too graphic for you?  Whatever, it’s my blog.

I’m slowly recovering though.  Over the weekend, I put in a bit of time on my bike trainer, just to get in some motion, and I ran a little under five miles.  Didn’t want to push too hard since I have a business trip this week that is guaranteed to get me run down.  (I just had to estimate my hours for my timecard and on Wed-Fri, I’m putting in 38.5 hours.  It makes me tired just thinking about it.  And yet, I’ve packed my running shoes.  You know, just in case.)

So for now, I’m just existing.  Probably going to bike a bit more tonight just to make sure my body doesn’t forget what exercise is and hope that I can be healthy by the weekend.

One thought on “Still recovering. Yes, still.

  1. I’m in the same boat. This cold WILL NOT QUIT. I hope you’re feeling better soon — MB got me a Zpac and that seems to have helped marginally.

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