Do The Time, Get The Results

IMG_2171This is actually what my planner says for tonight’s workout.

I cannot tell you how much I mentally hate mid-week speed workouts. Physically, they feel awesome. But staring down that workout, knowing that I’m sleep deprived from Monday’s choir rehearsal and tired from work… it’s tough to convince myself to go.

But it’s worth it.  I’ve seen so much speed improvement over the past few months.  Sure, I’m still not fast by anyone’s standards, but I’m definitely seeing results and that’s the key.  I’m not trying to be better than anyone else.  I’m just trying to be the best that I can.

So think of me tonight while I slog away on the treadmill for many, many miles.

Maybe for a recovery drink, I will have another kale smoothie with peach schnapps.  It’s surprisingly delicious.


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