Happy Birthday Caitlin!


It’s this girl’s birthday!

1910036_530292831807_4544_nThat’s right, today is my baby sister’s birthday.  So I thought I would tell the whole internet (because the whole internet reads my blog.)

princess2013See, her fashion sense has stayed pretty awesome.

Happy birthday, Caitlin.  Go do something wild today.  Wear roller skates and sunglasses in the house.


The Desired Thigh Gap

This guy has a nice thigh gap.
nuzree / Pixabay

Yesterday, I had to explain to someone what a thigh gap was.  This poor father of a young teenaged girl had overheard her saying that she was hitting the gym to work on her thigh gap.  And he was confused and concerned.

I will be honest, I do not understand the obsession with the thigh gap. Okay, so it’s more attractive if your thighs do not touch.  Fine, whatever.  I’m pretty sure my thighs have always touched.  I mean, there may have been a growth spurt somewhere in my life where they didn’t, but for the most part, my thighs have been very close friends.  I am so glad corduroy pants aren’t in right now.  Anyone else remember that sound?

I’m also pretty sure that no matter how much weight I lose, my thighs will always touch. It’s a function of how I’m shaped.  And the same is true for a lot of women.  It has to do with hips and bones and other anatomical things that I don’t know a lot about.  And there are women who will always have a thigh gap because of how they’re built.

I have seen photos online where people are clearly photoshopping their legs so that they give themselves a gap between their thighs or they stand so that it looks like their thighs naturally don’t touch.  Seriously?  Why is this a thing?

So this dad is now worried that his daughter is obsessing over something she can’t control.  My suggestion was just to keep an eye on her.  Nothing wrong with a teen going to the gym to workout.  Nothing wrong with working on your leg muscles.  In fact, I should do more to strengthen my inner and outer thighs to help with knee stability.  But if it starts to become an obsession, that’s maybe when it’s time to start asking questions.

Adults do it too.  Obsess over whether their thighs touch and how to make them not touch. No matter what I do, my thighs are always going to be the bestest of friends.  And I just have to accept that.   Accept what you can’t change and change what you can.  And don’t let what is popular determine your self worth.  Who knows, next year we might be obsessed with pointy elbows or perfectly straight fingers.  Trends are weird.

Wednesday Workout Recap

I actually completed my workouts last week, so I can go back to doing workout recaps.  I know you’re so excited.

Monday – Rest Day. Best day ever.  Still fighting off my cold, but apparently, the lingering cough is just going to stick around.

Tuesday – 8 miles of treadmill speedwork in 1:45:20.  The cough is lingering, but this was much better than I thought it would be.  8 miles of midweek running on the treadmill is never a fun thing, but I actually sort of enjoyed this.  I think it’s because I’ve been so sick and lazy that my body just needed to run.

Wednesday – Trainer workout.  I LOVE bike trainer workouts.  This was a mix of power and speedwork.  I really need to work on getting my RPMs up.  Biking is probably my weakest skill and the place where I have the most room to improve.

Thursday – I returned to Team Fight swim and didn’t drown!  Actually, I was really pleased how this workout went.  My shoulders were less pleased, and I was exhausted when I was done, but I don’t feel like I lost anything in my form.  I just need to keep showing up and get my strength up.

Friday – Massage day.  My hips were super tight, and I need to remember to get back to my stretching and foam rolling.  Then I did a 6 mile run in 1:20 and went to a friend’s St. Patrick’s Day party.  All in all, a good day.

Saturday – Rest day.  Also known as CLEAN ALL THE THINGS.  I wish I could be a naturally tidy person.

Sunday – 12 mile run.

Hooray!  It’s so awesome to be back on track.


Running! Outside! Spring!

Spring has sprung!

IMG_2162Or at least it’s trying to.  These pretty flowers have popped up all around my running route.  Of course, what you don’t see in this photo is the giant pile of snow sitting in a shady patch a few feet away (I’m shocked it’s still there after Saturday’s rain).  But thanks to the lovely weather, I ran outside yesterday.

My plan from my coach called for 12 miles.  2 miles warmup, 2 miles at a 14:00 pace, 2 at a 13:30 pace, and 2 cooldown miles.

I failed miserably at pacing.  But it was an awesome run.

  • 1 – 14:12
  • 2 – 14:00
  • 3 – 14:03
  • 4 – 13:42
  • 5 – 13:46
  • 6 – 13:53
  • 7 – 12:44
  • 8 – 12:43
  • 9 – 12:59
  • 10 – 13:06
  • 11 – 13:13
  • 12 – 14:18

I really wasn’t expecting much out of this run because I’ve been sick, but I got back to regular workouts this week, and it looks like my body has recovered.  This is the fastest long training run I’ve had in a long time.  I was worried that the treadmill miles were giving me some fake speed, but it looks like they’re doing what they’re supposed to.

I’m still well off any PR pace, but it’s nice to see some improvements coming.  Of course, after Cherry Blossom, my focus is going back to triathlon, but I’m hoping I can keep some of the speed around for the fall.

Either way, it feels good to be back and it feels great to be running outside.  However, I did finally put away the shovel and snowboots, so if it snows again, I’m sorry that I jinxed us.

Return to swim and an easy workout

iannnnn / Pixabay

Last night I made my triumphant return to Team Fight swim practice.

(Yes, once again, I’m fundraising for the Ulman Cancer Fund, and would love your donations.)

It was less triumphant as I would have liked.  Apparently, taking 5-6 months off from swimming isn’t all that good for you.  On the positive side, my form still appears to be pretty decent.  On the negative side, my shoulders don’t work today.

But we had a great workout that Coach told us to save, so I’m saving it by posting it here.  It’s a pretty basic ladder workout, but for you newbies hunting for swim workouts, give it a shot.

400 warmup

Main Set – SPRINTS!
3x (25, 50, 75, 100, 100, 75, 50, 25, 100 kick)  10 seconds rest between each interval, 60 seconds rest after each set

200 cooldown

Pretty simple, right?  I like shorter sets because I don’t lose count.  Counting is hard when I’m swimming, which is why I like to use some sort of an interval counter while I swim.  I’m sure you experienced swimmers are laughing at me right now, but I can forget which lap I’m in within 20 seconds of starting that lap.  It’s terrible.

While I consider myself a very solo exerciser, swimming is where I love having people around.  (Which is good, because I don’t own a pool, I guess.)  But not just people, but people I know.  I’m not sure what it is, because it’s not like we’re competing or anything.  Maybe it’s because swim is the toughest workout for me mentally, so it’s motivating to know that others are waiting for me at the pool (they’re not) so I have to show up.