Wednesday Workout Recap

Last big push before Cherry Blossom.  Then I have to get myself into triathlon shape.  Yikes.

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Same crazy speed intervals as last week.  This time I tracked my HR and speed interval pace.  It wasn’t as good as last week, but my fast miles were averaging around 12:50 which for me on a weekday is not so bad.  Weekends when I’m well rested are so much easier.

Wednesday – Bike Trainer power workout.  This is definitely my weak spot right now.

Thursday – Swim cancelled, so I did housework.  It was fun.  No, really.

Friday – Easy six miles.

Saturday – Rest day.

Sunday – 12 paced miles.  Struggled with the first few miles. I just couldn’t warm up.  But it got easier and I had some great intervals.  I think Cherry Blossom should go well if I can just stick to my plan and not overdo it.

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