Swimming for Fitness

iannnnn / Pixabay

iannnnn / Pixabay

For the first time in way too many months, I went back to my solo workouts at the pool yesterday morning.  I’ve been going to Team Fight swim practice for a few weeks, but hadn’t jumped back into my solo workouts yet.  I was supposed to start last week, but the stupid sore throat kept me home.  I figured swimming probably wasn’t the best thing for me.

Swimming is an insane workout.  I really need to do more of it year round, not just during triathlon season.  It can be tough to get myself to the pool, but man do I feel wobbly after a swim.  It’s easy to get in a good workout in an hour or so.  Today, my shoulder muscles are actually sore to the touch.  It’s an awesome feeling.

I’m definitely one of the youngest people swimming in the morning (after the swim teams leave), and I’m really impressed at the fitness level of some of the older people.  There are definitely people in there 70’s and 80’s at the pool swimming who look awesome!  I want to be those old ladies.  It’s pretty adorable because they all know each other and are catching up on all the gossip in the locker room after their workouts.

There’s also the guy who swims in nude colored swim trunks, which always causes a horrified double take.  It’s not a good look.  But when you’re old, you can do what you want.

I’ll admit, it’s much easier to drag myself to the pool in the mornings in the spring and summer.  Winter mornings are so very dark and so very cold.  But here’s hoping.


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