Whirlwind Weekend

This weekend, I did not accomplish the majority of the things I wanted to accomplish.  But I sure did a lot of things.

Friday night, I had choir rehearsal til a bit after 10pm, which kind of destroys the evening.  After a full day of work and many hours of singing, all I have the energy to do is go home and crash.

Saturday morning, I got up and headed to the car dealership.  My poor old Nissan Altima had served me well for 11 years, but it was getting close to time for some major maintenance and since I wasn’t sure how long I was going to keep the car, I had started researching new vehicles and had set my sights on the VW Golf.  By the time I arrived at the dealership, I knew that if I liked the way the car handled and if I could get the price I wanted (thank you internet for making it so easy to research), I was driving out of there in a new car.

And after a few hours, that’s exactly what I did.  Car buying is exhausting though!

Went home, did some stuff around the house, got in a bike ride and collapsed.

Sunday, I volunteered at the Columbia Tri.  Always fun to watch triathletes nervously awaiting their start and then rocking their race.  And I was incredibly impressed by the Athletes Serving Athletes team.  What a cool group of people.

Raced home, showered, shoved some food in my face hole and headed off to sing my final concert of the season with the Cathedral Choral Society at the National Cathedral.  It was opera, which I wasn’t sure would be well received, but we had an amazing audience.  So much fun.  And such incredible soloists.

After that, I was supposed to go home and run a 10k.   I instead went home and collapsed.  Sorry, Coach.  My body just wasn’t in it.

Sadly, that was the end of my recovery week, so this week, I need to hit the training hard.  So far, I’m 0 for 1 on workouts.  Good job, self.

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