To Race or Not To Race?

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This week, the athlete’s guide for my next big triathlon came out.  Next month, I’m doing the Challenge Williamsburg Olympic Triathlon.  For you non-triathletes, that means it’s kind of sort of twice as long as the last race I did.  The swim in 0.9 miles (1500m), the bike is 24 miles, and the run is a 10k.  I’ve done an oly before, but the distance is still a bit intimidating.  Well, it’s not so much the distance, it’s the time limit.  4 hours and 15 minutes.  I can do it, but if anything goes wrong, it’s questionable.

And yet, while I’m freaking about my next race, I’m also considering signing up for another triathlon.  But a sprint distance, of course.

You see, I don’t have any races in July.  This is intentional.  July is hot.  But now two of my friends are signed up for a particular race mid-month.  And I could go race with them.  It would be good practice.  And if my race in June goes poorly, this forces me right back out there.  And it’s only a sprint distance.  These are all good reasons.

So I am debating.  Do I want to add another race to my schedule when I’m already freaking out about the races I have?  Should I do it?

5 thoughts on “To Race or Not To Race?

  1. I vote yes, and treat it as a sponsored, supported, fun training run. Make it almost a party. See your friends, enjoy racing with no pressure, and just . . . try (tri?) it out. A Sprint tri is a chance for you to “race” without racing. But if — for a second — you’re unsure, or stressed, then bail, and relax. There is enough stress in life.
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