Wednesday Workout Recap

Last big push before race week!

Monday – Swim drills for a total of 1700m.  This is always a mental game for me.  Getting up early to hit the pool is hard.  Also, I forgot my music today.  Life so hard.

Tuesday – 7 mile run with 4 at tempo pace. My foot seems to be healed!  Hooray!  I do not need to be going into a race week injured.

Wednesday – Trainer workout.  I love these.  I know so many people loathe the trainer, but I love, love, love it.  I do not love the pool of sweat on my mat, but hey, at least I have a mat.  Post-workout, I cleaned my bike chain and man, I should do that more often.  So gross.

Thursday – Team Fight swim.  Very crowded pool today, but it made for a good workout.  Swimming with others always pushes me just a bit harder, and I love the camaraderie that comes with a group workout even though we’re all doing our own thing at our own pace.

Friday – Rocked the rest day.

Saturday – Hit my ten miler late in the day due to choir reauditions and even though it wasn’t that hot, the run just did not go well. I hit a wall around mile 7 and just couldn’t get out of it.   Not sure if it was fueling or heat or what, but it was a slog to finish.

Sunday – So Saturday night involved a few beers, and add to that the bad run and I was worried that Sunday’s ride wouldn’t be pretty.  But honestly, it wasn’t terrible.  A bit slower than normal, but mentally I felt faster.  Either way, I pushed through the desire to stay in bed, so I call the week a win.

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