The gear, it multiplies!

This is the box of random swim things. Plus some shoe insoles for no apparent reason

This is the box of random swim things. Plus some shoe insoles for no apparent reason.

When you take up a sport, one of the first things you do is pick up the gear you need.  Not everything, just the basics.  For running, that might just be a pair of shoes and some clothes to run in.  For biking, well, you need a bike.  Swimming, a swimming suit is crucial and goggles are a huge perk.

And as you get into the sport, you slowly acquire more and more gear.  You get excited when you get your first swim cap from a race, and race t-shirts just mean that you have to do less laundry.  Two bike helmets are better than one.  What if someone else needs one?

But after a while, the stuff starts to multiply.  No seriously, I’m pretty sure it’s breeding in my closet.  I keep finding swim caps everywhere.  I don’t race that much.  I don’t know where they’re all coming from.  And the race shirts… well, it might be time to pare those down.  I keep saying I’m going to make a quilt (let’s be honest, I’m going to have someone make a quilt – I can’t sew).   But again, it certainly saves on laundry.

Thankfully, I’m not yet the person with a collection of bikes.  I would be, but you know, money.  Had I not bought a car this summer, I would probably be buying a bike.  Because, you know, the proper number of bikes is n+1, n being the number of bikes you currently have.

I have a bin in my office of things that need to go to Goodwill or other donation site and as I was packing stuff up over the weekend, I realized just how many pairs of running shoes are in there.  Those need to go to a donation bin somewhere.  Now that I’m not running 12+ half marathons a year, I’m going through fewer running shoes, which is a plus.  Also, my Hokas seem to last me many more miles than my old Brooks shoes did.

Of course, I make it sound like all this gear accumulates through no fault of my own.  That is an outright lie.  While I HATE shopping for what I call normal clothes, I love shopping for fitness gear.  I’m always looking for a great pair of goggles or a cute bike jersey on sale.  I’m still on the hunt for the perfect bento box for my bike, so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know.  I own multiple bags that I can probably pare down – two transition bags for races (one which is just too small), two swim bags, a swim gear bag… But my mother will attest that I have always loved bags.  Pretty sure she feared I would grow up to be a bag lady.  Instead, I work for the government.  I’m not sure that’s better.

This summer, I need to corral all of my gear into one place, instead of the various places it’s stashed around the house.  I need to take a look at what I have and start to pare down.  Or at least stop accumulating more.  It’s a process.

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  1. Thanks for the amusing read! It seems whenever I start something I have to get all the “stuff”. I have to admit that I’m an ex-runner, but I still have all the stuff – shoes, shirts, various lengths of pants, skorts, head lamp(s), garmin, winter hats, neck protection, gloves, arm thingys, books – yup I have all the gear!

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