Wednesday Workout Recap

The week after a race is always so glorious.  Reverse taper.  So nice.

Monday was a scheduled rest day.  Nailed it.

Tuesday I was supposed to bike for 45 minutes.  I did not do this.  I got stuck at work late and just didn’t have the energy when I got home.  Well, I raced this weekend, so I guess this is okay.

Wednesday… Wednesday I was on a work errand and got knocked over in a crosswalk by a cyclist.  This is what gives cyclists a bad name.  I was fine, just some skinned knees, but I caught myself with one hand and tweaked my arm and shoulder.  I could tell it was just a super minor sprain/strain, but it still sucked.  So instead of pounding my way through my scheduled run, I did Tuesday’s 45 minute bike.

Thursday, the soreness from the fall set in.  So I did not swim.

Friday I went and got a massage and my therapist said my entire left side was all messed up, but by the time she was done, my shoulder was totally better.  Back to training!

Saturday I had an easy 6 mile run.  Managed to avoid most of the raindrops, but it was a slow run for me in the heat, around 1:28.  I just couldn’t find my pace.  I think that’s just going to be how summer running goes for me.

Sunday, the group bike ride got cancelled for wet roads, so I spent 90 quality minutes on my trainer.  So much sweat everywhere.  Thank goodness for the mat underneath the bike.

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