Don’t Forget to Stretch

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Stretching!  It’s super important.  I never stretch before I workout, but I should definitely stretch after I finish a workout.  I manage this about 50% of the time.

Well, okay, maybe 25% of the time.

Okay, okay, I only stretch when something feels tight.

This is not the way to stretch!

Today, I am walking around like an old lady because my entire lower back is sore.  This happens to me from time to time because my hips get tight and then pull on my back.  It took forever and a day for me to figure out why my back was getting so sore, and it’s a super easy fix.  Stretch my hips.

What have I not been doing?  Stretching.

Yes, I will probably live.  This is not a life threatening injury.  But if I were smarter, I would take five to ten minutes after every workout and prevent the problem all together.

I think that it’s probably after I bike that I need to be really careful to stretch.  I believe this to be true based on my powers of deduction. This winter, I avoided my bike in favor of running.  (I am hoping to not do this again this coming winter.)  I had zero issues with my back.  But once I returned to cycling, there it was.  Doesn’t mean I’m doing anything wrong while biking, I just am failing to stretch.

So learn from my continual mistakes.  Stretch.  Stretch after every workout.  It’s worth it.

Now I’m off to find my tennis ball to try to work out this knot in my hip.


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