Well, At Least I Tried to Run

This weekend’s workout schedule was a case of the best laid plans…

Saturday, I had plans to bike with Liz.  We were going to bike for at least 20 miles and it was going to be awesome.  Then the weather forecast came out.  We were probably not going to bike 20 miles in the rain and possible storms.  Seemed like a bad idea.  So I decided to switch it up and join the group ride on Sunday, which meant running on Saturday.

Remember that previously mentioned rain?  Yeah, it meant I was going to end up doing a treadmill run.  Ten miles.  On the treadmill.  Everyone’s favorite workout.  But I wanted to bike outside Sunday, so I sucked it up.

Except that I didn’t.  Right as I was going to head downstairs to the treadmill, the rain stopped.  Magic!  So I figured I might as well go outside to run.  It had to be better than the treadmill and I had myself convinced that it would be a more energetic run or something.

What I did not consider was that after the rain, the sun came out and it got hot.  And very very muggy.  I know, I’m a genius.  So I ran about two miles, couldn’t hit my required paces, and realized this was not going to be a great ten miles.  I considered, then turned around to run the two miles back home.  I figured I could just hop on the treadmill for the remaining miles.  Not ideal, but sort of the best of all worlds.  Better than trying to slog through a hot and humid run where I knew I would end up walking large chunks.

So I ran home, got onto the treadmill, and started running.  I got five minutes in and the power went out.  No more treadmill.

I took this as a sign and went to take a shower.


2 thoughts on “Well, At Least I Tried to Run

  1. I had a weekend kinda like that. Nothing went right for training. I’m trying to chalk it up to “it happens,” instead of my instinct, which is quit everything and live off of Starburst minis. Glad you have perspective on this!
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