Wednesday Workout Recap

Last big push before race week!

Monday – Scheduled rest day. I did a 20 minute yoga video to try to stretch a bit better.  I think it helped.  I’m clearly not very flexible.

Tuesday – Treadmill hills.  6 half mile repeats on an 8% incline.  Hills kick my ass, so it’s rare that I make it through this workout.  But I was determined to push through, so I dropped my speed significantly and just powered through.  And I made it!  It wasn’t fast, but I got it done and that’s what counts.  Now to never find a race with 3 miles of 8% incline.

Wednesday – Brick workout.  Hour on the trainer followed by a one mile run.  Easy peasy.

Thursday – Team Fight Swim.  I’m really working on my bilateral breathing.  Still not great at it, but I’m getting there.  I think added flexibility will help.

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – The best laid plans

Sunday – 21 mile bike ride.  My plan called for 100 minutes, so I did the Princeton Sports ride with some distance tacked on with Kristin.  Did 21 miles in 1:43.  I was clearly not flying through this ride, but there were some decent hills, so I’m pleased with the workout.

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