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Who doesn’t love cute socks?  And aren’t these socks cute?  Well, they’re more than just cute, they’re amazing compression socks!

Lily Trotters is a great little company with a great product.  We all know that athletes of all kind like compression socks, either for wearing during a workout, for recovery, or even when you’re on an airplane.  But compression socks are so often so very boring.  From what I’ve found, the cute ones aren’t all that great in terms of compression.  Lily Trotters is working to change all that.

I was sent a pair of adorable Lily Trotters socks to try out, and I can’t recommend them enough.  The founder, Susan, has been great to communicate with.  I admit, I was skeptical.  I have giant calves.  I like to pretend they’re solid muscle, but well… Either way, compression socks are hard to find.  Frequently, they’re way too small on me, or they’re so stretched that any cute factor is gone.  I end up with boring men’s sizes and colors.  But even though my shoe size and height indicate that I should wear a S/M, Susan sent me the L/XL, and oh my goodness, these things are awesome.  They fit perfectly, and look cute too.  The pair I was sent isn’t being made as part of the first run, but I think the Om pattern in blue is super adorable too.

CHf8KCDWwAA0ushI’ve worn mine after all three of my most recent triathlons and I can honestly say that they’re some of the best compression socks I’ve worn.  They’re comfortable and cute.  I would definitely wear these in public, which is certainly not the case with a lot of compression gear.  (I mean, I’m no fashion plate, so I wear compression gear in public, but I know I’m not making the best impression.)

If you are a lady with curvier legs and have struggled to find good compression socks, these are definitely for you.  Not to worry, smaller calved ladies, you are set too.  Thank goodness for size options!

89593f592b971f974ec5ae4734887489_originalLily Trotters is entering their final days of their Kickstarter campaign, and while they’ve already made their goal, now is a great time to get in on a pair or two for yourself!  Quality compression socks are expensive, but for only $37, you can support this great company and get yourself a pair from this first run.  They’re going to be more expensive once they’re on the market this fall, so consider getting a pair or two or three NOW.  You won’t regret it.

Of course, which pair(s) will you choose?

Disclaimer: I was sent a pair of Lily Trotters socks to try out, but the comments are my own.  I am a backer of their Kickstarter and really love these socks.

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