Catching Up On Sleep

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With everything that I’ve been doing lately, my sleep has definitely fallen by the wayside.  It’s tough.  Work, training, life… I don’t know how people do it.  I’m jealous of people who can get by on 5 hours of sleep a night.  I am not one of those people.  Most nights, I try to be in bed by 10pm and up around 5am and even that leaves me exhausted.

After looking at my recent training notes, my coach thinks that I might be a bit over tired.  She’s probably right.  I need to be better about prioritizing sleep.  I should go to bed earlier whenever I can.

(Of course, last night I got home from swim practice and then thought I’d read for a few minutes before going to bed and instead got engrossed in the end of a book and was up about 45 minutes later than I wanted to be.  But that book was over 700 pages!  It was an accomplishment to finish it!)

Still, getting appropriate rest has to be part of my training plan.  This week was busy – Tuesday I went to see The Book of Mormon, so was out late.  Wednesday I went to the baseball game, so was out late.  Because of this and because I had a dentist appointment yesterday, I took the day off work.  I had a bunch of comp hours I had to use, and my big projects were done, so why not?  And yes, my boss knows exactly why I took the day off, so I’m not risking anything by posting it online.  It’s not playing hooky if you get permission after all.

And it felt great.  On Thursday, I slept in.  I got up and did a few loads of laundry, got in the bike ride I missed on Wednesday night, and just sort of chilled.  I thought about using the day to be productive, but other than the laundry, it was a lazy day.  Dentist appointment was a win – no cavities.  And then it was off to swim practice.

Then I stayed up too late reading.  Whoops.

How do you prioritize sleep?  Do you?

4 thoughts on “Catching Up On Sleep

  1. I try to be very very protective of my sleep time. Everyone knows that it’s unlikely that I’ll be staying out late on a school night. Sometimes it feels really lame to be that friend but I have never ever regretted that good night’s sleep 🙂
    LNRB recently posted…MCM Training: Week 3My Profile

  2. At least you were staying up late because you had fun stuff to do! I can feel such a difference between going to bed at 12 or 1AM (sadly, this happen sometimes), and going to bed at 11PM. I really should prioritize sleep more than I do, especially because I use coffee to keep myself awake and end up crashing hardcore.
    Lauren recently posted…Just a Pinch Of | 08.06.15My Profile

  3. I prioritize sleep because I work out in the morning, and know if I don’t get good sleep that I will feel it from when it start to when I hit stop on my Garmin.

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