Wednesday Workout Recap

Nothing better than a post-race week leading into a taper week.  Nice and easy.  Of course, this means that things are gonna hurt in a few weeks when I’m back to normal training.

Monday was a designated rest day after my crazy race.  I was supposed to sleep 8-9 hours Sunday night and Monday night.  Succeeded on Sunday, not so much on Monday.  Whoops.

Tuesday, I went to see Book of Mormon and it was PHENOMENAL.  I mean, if you like that sort of thing.  I was not scandalized at all, but I was a little shocked by all the super old people in the audience.  Way to be open minded, super old people!

Wednesday I was supposed to train.  I did not.  Liz and I went to the baseball game instead.  And it was awesome.  Yay baseball!

Thursday, I took the day off work because I wanted to sleep in and had to go to the dentist.  No, seriously.  And that’s what I told my boss.  Conveniently, all the extra hours I’ve been putting in are working in my favor because her reaction was “Of course!”  So today, I did yesterday’s easy bike workout (45 minutes on the trainer), then went to the dentist (no cavities!), then to the final Team Fight pool swim before Iron Girl.

Friday was a rest day and I definitely rested.  It was a long week.

Saturday, I went for an easy 8 mile run.  I intentionally paid no attention to pace, and went out later than planned so it was a bit warm.  The final pace was not pretty, but it was good to just go out and run.

Sunday was the final group ride of the Iron Girl course.  I was excited to get out there and do a final preview of the course, and since there were well over 100 riders, I was glad to be able to help out some of the newbies and teach people how to use their gears on the hills.  I like this race because there are so many beginners.  It does get frustrating when people aren’t aware of the rules, but I just have to let that go.  (But seriously, people, learn the rules.)

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