The Swagtastic Virtual Race for M4M

Remember back in the glory days of racing (like 5+ years ago) where you would go to packet pickup to get your bib and your swag bag and the swag bag was actually full of SWAG?  Product samples and all sorts of other items?  It seems like that has gone by the wayside.

The Swagtastic Virtual Race for Medals4Mettle is trying to change all that.  Sign up for the virtual race and you will be mailed a giant box of swag for signing up!

Boxes from the 2013 Race

Boxes from the 2013 Race

Over 30 endurance and health product suppliers donate their products for the swag box, which is mailed out to all participants.  Vendors this year include BiPro, Nordic Naturals, Manitoba Harvest, Zone Perfect, Ricola, Vous Vitamin, Mariani Dried Fruits, and many more.  They also have bonus swag that will be randomly added to boxes from great companies like gift certificates for Road ID, BondiBand, Trading Phrases wall decor, and many others.

Of course, the most important thing isn’t the swag.  It’s the charity that is benefiting from these races.  Medals4Mettle is an amazing group that takes race medals from runners and donates them to people battling illnesses who demonstrate courage and mettle in their fight.  They collect medals donated by runners and add a fabulous M4M ribbon and then get them in the hands of patients all around the world.  This amazing mission isn’t cheap, and for those of us not quite ready to part with our race medals, helping with the fundraising is another way to give back.

If you are someone who doesn’t care about race medals, consider donating them to Medals4Mettle.  Or maybe you’ve done Disney races and bought one of the amazing displays that comes with medals, so you have a second medal just taking up space in a drawer.  That medal would look great around the neck of a kid battling a terrible illness.

But back to the subject at hand.  The Swagtastic Virtual Races are being held October 9-12.  Sign up for the 5k, 10k, half marathon or full marathon. Run it with friends, run it alone.  Run indoors or outdoors.  Do it all at once or split the miles over a few days.  Count the miles while you run another local race (I, for example, have the Army Ten Miler that weekend).  It doesn’t matter how you get in the miles, what matters is that you’re doing something great for a great organization.

Okay, but how much does this cost?  It’s probably expensive, right?  Nope!  It’s only $35 to sign up and if you use the code ELBOWGLITTER, you can save $5 on your registration.  That means $30 for a virtual race with a fun box of swag that will be sent to your doorstep AND the majority of those funds will be going to Medals4Mettle.  Sounds like a win all around to me.

So go to the site. Sign up.  Tell them I sent you.  And have a great race!

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