Streeeeeeeetch. No really, stretch.

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I am so terrible about stretching.  I mean, I try, but I need to make it more a part of my routine.  I’m fairly certain that the reason my muscles all locked up this weekend was due to lack of stretching and possibly a tiny bit of dehydration.  But mostly stretching.

So I’ve been researching stretching ideas.  One of the problems is that I’m not flexible and so I need super beginner stretches.  One of my fellow Coeur ambassadors suggested I check out the Couch Stretch, and that sounded good. I like couches.  But all the images I found were from Crossfit blogs and all I could think was “I cannot get into that position!”

Then I found this post from The Art of Manliness.  7 Simple Exercises that Undo the Damage of Sitting.  Now I am not very manly, and I do not have a handlebar mustache, but these stretches are right up my alley and the graphics are great.  Now I understand why the Couch Stretch carries that name.  You use a couch!  Yes, if you are stretchy, you can use a wall and the floor, but I am not very stretchy (yet).  I’ll get there though.

Stretching should probably be the fourth discipline of triathlon.  It’s an integral part of recovery and also key to quality performance.  I would like to not have my body cramp up on me during my next race, so here’s to becoming more limber!

One thought on “Streeeeeeeetch. No really, stretch.

  1. Oh, that post was really helpful! I’ve been looking for the right stretching positions and I’m glad I run into this post of yours and eventually got that. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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