Friday Five – Five Things Five Years from Now

I thought it was high time I joined the DC Bloggers Mar on the Run, You Signed Up For What?! and Eat Pray Run, DC for their Friday Five Linkup.  This week’s topic – Five Things Five Years From Now.

DC_linkupI can never predict where I will be in X years.  Five years ago, I don’t think I would have expected to be a triathlete, so who knows what the next five years will bring.

1.  In five years, I will be be approaching a big birthday.  One with a zero behind it.  That’s kind of scary to think about to be honest.  Let’s hope that I’m planning a pretty sweet birthday party to celebrate.

2.  I want to still be rocking the athletic endeavors.  Running and triathlons.  Will I have tackled a longer distance?  Hopefully, since I want to do a 70.3 soon.  Will I be an Ironman?  Probably not.

3.  Maybe by then I will have lost the weight that I keep saying I’m going to lose.  Oh who am I kidding?

4.  With the way technology is going, we’ll probably all have little smartphone chips embedded into our contact lenses so we can look at our screens at all times.  Or phones will have gotten giant again, given the size trend with the iPhone.

5.  Work wise, I don’t know where I’ll be, but whatever I’m doing, I hope I’m happy.  There’s nothing better than having a job you enjoy.  No one loves their job 100% of the time (and if you do, I really would love to hear more), but it’s nice to not dread going into the office every morning.  Note that that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get out of bed, but that’s because beds are awesome.







3 thoughts on “Friday Five – Five Things Five Years from Now

  1. I like your #5. Finding a job I enjoy is not the difficult part. The difficult part is finding one that is full time with benefits. I currently teach group fitness classes and am a personal trainer but that is not full time. Where is that dream job????

  2. It’s so tough! I don’t know if I have my dream job, but what I do is pretty fun. However, I went through a lot of crap at my agency before I ended up in the position I’m in. Everyone always says “Do what you love,” but when you can’t make a living with that…

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