Wednesday Workout Recap

At some point, training is going to go back to normal, but for now, another easy week.

Monday – Rest day.  Lots of stretching and researching stretching.  Gotta do something about these hip flexors.

Tuesday – Still pretty sore, so I did a ton more stretching and took an extra rest day.

Wednesday – Easy 45 minutes on my bike.  Getting better about pushing this.  I’m weirdly looking forward to a winter of trainer rides.

Thursday – Team swim was cancelled for pool maintenance, so I considered doing Tuesday’s five miler.  Got through 1 mile of it and stopped.  Not sure why at this point.  Probably just being overly lazy.

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday/Sunday – 24 Hours of Booty.  24 hours of riding as much as you can around a 2.1 mile loop (with a small hill that seems to grow as the hours pass).  I wanted to hit 125 miles.  I did 112 last year, so I thought it was doable.  This year was much hotter than last year, so my early miles involved more breaks for fluids, and unfortunately, my hip flexor issues really flared again.  I did 56ish miles on Saturday, and ultimately ended the weekend with 103.  Not what I wanted, but Sunday’s miles were a bit easier.  I don’t know if I was just pushing too hard on Saturday or what, but I didn’t want to risk injury before my last tri of the season.  Either way, I’ll be back next year.

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