Weekly Workout Recap

Since you all love cats so much, check out this Breaking Cat News.  Hairballs, man.  So gross on bare feet.

Now, on to our regularly scheduled recap.

Monday – Rest Day.  You know what hurts after a 24 hour bike event?  Everything.  Everything hurts.  It’s a good hurt, but still.  Well, the bum hurt isn’t all that good.

Tuesday – Easy 6 mile run.  I expected this to be way more horrible.  It certainly wasn’t fast, but it’s done.  1:20 total.

Wednesday – Bike trainer speed workout.  Hour on the bike, which clearly showed that I need a fit adjustment.  I’m determined to get this tri bike to work for me.

Thursday – Team Fight swim.   We did form drills, which is something I can always use work on.

Friday – Rest Day.  Bike fit adjustment!  Hooray!

Saturday – Ten mile run.  I did it on the treadmill too, because I was lazy and wanted to sleep in and then didn’t want to go run in a sauna.  So it was faster than it would have been outside, but better than nothing.  2:13:45.  Oh, for the days when I was “fast.”

Sunday – My schedule called for a 90 minute bike ride, but Liz’s called for 25-35 miles, so we did her 25 miles.  My Garmin said 25.9 in about 2:10.  Nice easy ride.  Even with the hills.  So much nicer than running.

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