Wednesday Workout Recap

Felt like a light week in terms of workouts.  My own fault for missing one.

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – 8 miles of speedwork.  I got my speed intervals up to 12:30, which I know isn’t speed for a lot of you, but for my run/walk, it’s progress.  I’m still working to find the proper balance between pushing but not so hard that my heart rate gets too high.

Wednesday – Trainer ride.  My bike adjustment helped so very much.  I’ll be going in for a full bike fit again sometime this winter (I’ve had one fit already).  Once I’m used to the bike and aero position, that’s when it will be time to really fine-tune my positioning.

Thursday – This was the missed workout.  Had a touchy stomach all day and opted to not swim.  Just wasn’t feeling stellar.

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – Beat the Deadline 5K

Sunday – 90 minute ride.18.6 miles.  Slow pace, but because I ended up as a group leader at the group ride, I couldn’t tack on distance, so I just finished up the last 12 minutes doing loops around the parking lot.  Probably not what my plan required, but hey, better than nothing.

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