Wednesday Workout Recap

I am TIRED.  But I guess that’s what happens.  Stupid adulthood.

Monday – Supposed to be a rest day, but since it was a holiday, Liz and I ventured out for an OWS practice.  I wasn’t super motivated, so I swam for maybe half a mile.  Nothing extreme.

Tuesday – Easy five miles.  Ran it in 1:08, but realized about midway through that my easy pace was feeling uncomfortably slow, so maybe I’m getting faster and need to pick up my pace.

Wednesday – Trainer workout.  This one showed me that I’m great at low cadence grinding, but terrible at high cadence.  I’ll get there.

Thursday – Team Fight Swim.  While I wish that we didn’t have such a huge participation drop off after the Iron Girl tri, it’s kind of nice that it’s not super crowded.

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – Iron Girl Columbia 5K

Sunday – My training schedule called for a 2 hour bike ride.  I couldn’t find out if the group ride was still on, and I didn’t want to venture out on potentially wet roads on my own for two hours so I just powered through on the trainer.  I miss downhill coasting.  This one was rough.  I’m sure at some point, I will become that person who spends three hours on the trainer, but right now, that seems like an insane challenge.

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