First off, thanks for all the kind comments on yesterday’s post.  I didn’t write it to have people compliment me.  I am well aware of what I look like in spandex and 95% of the time, I just don’t care.  That’s not what racing is about for me.  But it’s nice to hear anyway.

On to the recap.  Taper weeks are so lovely.

Monday  – Rest Day

Tuesday – Easy 3 mile run with pickups.  Did this in about 40 minutes.  I’m finding that my easy runs are getting easier.  Guess this training thing is working.

Wednesday – Easy 30 minute bike with pickups.  So nice.  Also, the fan I bought to put in front of my bike trainer was possibly the best purchase I made all year.  Glorious, glorious wind.

Thursday – Ended up on a conference call during swim, so I missed swim practice.

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – RACE DAY

Sunday – Rest Day

And that’s the end of my triathlon season.  I’d say it was a pretty darn good one.  On to the next adventure!

By Megan

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