Wednesday Workout Recap

Ahh, the joys of easing back in after a race.

Monday – Rest Day.  It wasn’t supposed to be, but I was still sore enough that I figured it was a good plan.

Tuesday – Easy 30 minute run.  My schedule called for 3 miles, but I can’t read, so…

Wednesday – 60 minute trainer workout.  This is going to be my focus for the winter, so I started by pushing this one pretty hard.  I have a lot of room for improvement on the bike.

Thursday – For whatever reason, I was exhausted today, so rather than go to swim, I went to bed before 8pm.  Not ideal, but hey, sleep is awesome.

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – Easy 90 minute trainer ride.  Lovely rainy day.  Thank goodness for my trainer.

Sunday – Easy 6 mile run.

Next week?  RACE WEEK.  Again.

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